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11Aug1722:48 UTC+1 Servers will shut down for a few minutes at a time over next days for anti-DDOS testing purposes. Will try to provide 15 minutes heads up.

07-11Aug17 Continued server and security Devops and Secops work. Added trading signals.

04-06Aug17 Produced tutorial to assist Bitcoin owners -- How to get free BCC from BTC

30Jul-04Aug17 Extensive server and security work to avoid problems whereby too many exchanges are under-developed, thus failing to protect traders.

30Jul1713:33 UTC+1 Contact page added

29Jul1719:39 UTC+1 Servers back up after installing mail servers

29Jul1719:33 UTC+1 Shutting server in 5 minutes to install mail server. Back on in 10 minutes.

28Jul1709:38 UTC+1Updated

27Jul1710:53 UTC+1Updated

27Jul1708:08 UTC+1Modified

27Jul1705:30 UTC+1Working on bringing progress pages up to date, followed by a bit of website tidying before adding to

26Jul1722:21 UTC+1Uploaded first part of

26Jul1719:48 UTC+1Exchange performance tables now up again after maintenance. Apologies for inconvenience. Now updating docs (about 2 hours)

26Jul1719:18 UTC+1Data maintenance in 10 minutes. Exchange performance tables will turn off for a few moments (could take up to 10 minutes, according to your location). Apologies for inconvenience. After that, updating docs (about 2 hours)

26Jul1709:00 UTC+1Updated (Refresh browser!)

26Jul1707:50 UTC+1Modifying (approx 15 minutes)

26Jul1706:35 UTC+1Modifying message design (approx 20 minutes)

26Jul1706:00 UTC+1Good morning! Currently developing flash messages for trader community

26Jul1722:21 UTC+1Uploaded first part of

20Jul17+19:15Launched Project Eagle website analysis systems v0.8 BETA

05Jul17+Truck load of business administration stuff + public speaking

05Jul17+Trader care and communications processes started

05Jul17+Continued R&D + talks with government authorities (HMRC, FCA, Companies House +++)

04Jul1709:53 UTC+1Alts Club international meetups arriving

04Jul1709:23 UTC+1Separate Progress page now up

03Jul1710:49 UTC+1In trade profitability now up!

01Jul1720:31 UTC+1In trade profitability added (under development)

01Jul1720:31 UTC+1Analysis improved yet more (it's amazing!)

01Jul1708:53 UTC+1Live maintenance -- occasional flash exceptions but okay to use CHECK RESULTS

30Jun1723:07 UTC+1Refining top tables analysis -- okay to use (but CHECK RESULTS)

29Jun1711:23 UTC+1Layout updates --- REFRESH BROWSER

24Jun1723:38 UTC+1ICO white paper in preparation


08Apr17More members joining locally

29Mar17Website local development planning

31Dec16Start using analysis tools -- good trading results. Continued R&D.

28Aug16-29Mar17Project Eagle R&D and analysis