Altcoin Trader: Altcoin currency indicators

Published: by Mike A

Cryptocurrency exchange coin pair indicators

Cryptocurrency exchanges refresh candlesticks between 1 and 5 minutes. What altcoin trading occurs in between times? And can it provide valuable signals about big green candlesticks before exchanges can display them? We think they can: and here's how!

For nearly a year, Project Eagle has engaged research and analysis to identify altcoin trading advantages. The team concluded that a metering system was the simplest and most effective way to provide traders with results.


Why was the Altcoin trader developed?

Late 2016, I was wondering how to do profitable altcoin trading trading. Could I make a profit trading Altcoin currency pairs?

Please understand, and forgive, me being that age in my mid-60s when cynicism and irritability at stupid things combine into a short fuse. I was in business and executive positions too long to suffer fools easily. I'm also strong on accuracy, a trait that emerged over 30 years as a private pilot. And systems development made me observant to the point of being pedantic. To me, some things about cryptocurrency markets seemed astonishingly bad: as in "what kind of fool would touch this" bad. I set out on an R&D path to identify what it was about this cryptocurrency fool's playground that bothered me. Here's what I noticed.

What a wonderful scenario for investment! On one hand, ordinary people with foresight trying to engage with a technology that will change the world's financial transaction systems. The other hand, however, holds a range of powerful, wealthy predators with massive resources. Think bows and arrows versus tanks and flying bombers! General Sun Tzu had the right answers for dealing with this scenario, written 2,500 years ago in his Art of War.

Eventually, I arrived at a single question, the answer of which must be a paradigm to place ordinary people in command of their destiny of fortunes...

And so I began constructing AI-ready software...

Figure 1 is the result...

Cryptocurrency exchange indicators
Figure 1: Cryptocurrency exchange indicators

1 and 2 should be obvious, so let's turn immediately to 3, 4 and 5 -- flag indicators, signals and period transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchange indicators numbered 3 to 5
Figure 2: Cryptocurrency exchange indicators 3 to 5

Altcoin trading signals: flags

Flags and signals (3 & 4) are probably the most important metrics. Green Altcoin trading flags(3) are the first thing to look for! Green flags will only appear when at least some positive analysis signals arrive. Conversely, if there's no green flag, there's no potential: NONE

Red flags always indicate a potential trading danger. Some dangers include:

Okay, keep in mind the dangers, but focus on green. We see a green flag. Now to consider other signals

Altcoin trading signals

Signals(4) represent the strength of potential, the result of 100+ analytical algorithms (and growing). For ease of reading, the signal is condensed into a scale from 0 to 9.

Recall, our objective is to provide novices, as well as experts, the tools for profitable trading. Signals are both simple and powerful when used in conjunction with green flags.

Altcoin trading transactions ('Txs')

First, understand and keep in mind that transactions ('Txs') are NOT measured over 24-hour periods as seen in most cryptocurrency exchange charts. The transactions analysis period varies by time and coin according to protocols. If we had attempted to base transaction counts on fixed period or coin-pair algorithms, it would produce false results. Think, for example, of USDT_BTC. Transactions per hour will always be higher than other altcoin pairs! As a consequence of our accurate approach to transaction metering, some coins display high numbers but little or no "performance increase greens", whilst others display low numbers with full greens.

More to follow (and probably amendments to spelling and grammar)